Some Run Logs

I’ve done a little bit of running here recently, and I haven’t logged any of it until now. In fact, the runs have been sitting on my GPS until today. The first one was back at the end of April…so it’s been awhile. I’ll start today and work backwards. Today was the Nacogdoches Blueberry 5k race done in conjunction with the Blueberry Festival. The race this year was to benefit the dog park some folks are working to get here in town. As such, they were very welcoming of dogs running the race. The route passed the aid station twice, giving the pups a couple chances to get a drink. All in all, I’d say the race was very well-done. The local police blocked off some roads for the runners, and thankfully we weren’t buried under a bunch of useless swag.

A Fall Ride

Just some geotagged pictures from my ride today embedded into a map. And a good ride it was. It was a little bit warm today for mid-late November (80F, I was told), but it was breezy. The trails were surprisingly empty. I got a good ride in…about 15 miles all told (of course, I edited out the portion that shows where I live).

Nacogdoches, TX Trails

I’m making some solid progress on the trails map for Nacogdoches, Texas.

Right now, I have all of the trail in the SFA Recreational Trails mapped, in addition to all of the Lanana Creek Trail. I have a little bit of data for the Azalea Garden, the Mast Arboretum, and Tucker Woods. I’m not entirely certain how well those areas are going to come out, because the arboretum and azalea garden, especially, have VERY dense networks of trails.

Nac Trails 5/9/2010

Another Sunday, another weekly ride. This week was much cooler than previous weeks. It was overcast and threatening to rain all day. It spat on us a little, but didn’t really rain until we finished our ride.

I thought that because it was so cool, I’d be up for a good, long ride. I thought too soon. The chemotherapy I got almost 2wks ago is working my system, that’s for sure. I just couldn’t work to a high level this week. I did the couple miles pretty hard, but had to take a bit of a break before continuing. I still had fun, even though I overdid it a little at first.