ENO Hammock Test Hang

Today’s a nice day, and I finished sewing loops in my tree huggers last night, so I did some test hanging.

I’m happy to report everything went off without a hitch. I hung the hammock from my newly built pergola. It uses 6×6 posts, and the short side is about 14′ wide. I figured doing it in a controlled setting like this would go off a bit easier than trying to find the right two trees in the woods at the back of the yard for a test hang.

I’m using a whoopie sling/tree hugger setup with a couple of SMC rings, too.

Maps Plugin File Testing

Myself and Scott Morris have been having some troubles with some .gpx files lately and I am going to be using this page to try out some different files. I don’t want this to screw up the display of the main page, so I hope to put enough intro text in here to bump the map(s) onto their own page.

We’re both scratching our heads on this one. I started having trouble with a .gpx file after running it through the photo geotagging utility in his software. Naturally, I thought I found a bug. But now it appears not, because he doesn’t have the same problem at all with that file on his computer.

Fun with heart rate monitors

Ok, so I’m trying to catch up on some posts.  Seeing as how I’m going to have to go through a significant recovery process to regain my physical form, I’ve been picking up some tools to help me pull that off.

One of the first was a Tanita scale that records weight, body fat %, and a few other values.  That’s going to help me keep track of how my body changes with my workouts.  I can’t really do much except walking right now, so the values I record now help me establish a baseline from which I can make comparisons later.