I apologize if you’ve tried accessing my website within the past month, only to be greeted by annoying messages from the server. I was changing servers (consolidating a few things) and because I’m an idiot, there were a few steps that took some time to get straightened out (partly due to the holidays), after multiple phone calls to my hosting service’s tech support line.

Thankfully, it’s all straightened out, now!

Map Updates

Hey, everybody. I updated my Mountain Bike Rides map and my Paddling map with information from a few backlogged recent trips. For mountain bike rides, I’ve added a few trailheads of places I’ve ridden in the past year. For paddling, I’ve added some river access points in East Texas, as well as a couple campsites along the Angelina River. I added one hiking location to the Hikes map, Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area. You can access the 4C Trail from there, or simply do some dayhiking.