Howdy.  I’m Nate, and I’m currently a graduate student in environmental science, but that’s a funny story.  Ask sometime and I might tell you more about it.  In March of 2009, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid (Myelogenous) Leukemia.  I got my last chemo treatment in November 2009, so every day after that is precious to me.

I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, and paddling.  You’ll see a lot of posts here about my exploits in the woods.

I’ve been crazy busy trying to finish a master’s degree in environmental science and wildlife biology, so I haven’t been making a whole lot of new posts lately.  When I finish, I fully intend to make up for a bit of lost time.  I haven’t done a true backpacking trip for a few years and I’m anxious to get out and use some of my gear.

I also want to combine my love of mountain biking with backpacking.  I’ve been riding the same mountain bike for 9 years now.  While I have no desire to get rid of that bike, I do think I’d like to add a mountain bike that’s well equipped to do some bikepacking.  I’m considering a fatbike for that, and there are a good number of options available.  After I finish my degree, I’ll be relocating and I fully intend to put some effort into mapping and developing new and existing bikepacking routes near my new home.