Boykin Springs Sawmill Hiking Trail

My wife and I visited the Boykin Springs Recreation Area to hike the Sawmill Hiking Trail.

The trail is only a few miles long and goes from Boykin Springs to the old Aldridge Sawmill.

There are still remnants of the old buildings left today. This was good physical therapy for me. The hike was just right to be challenging, but not too strenuous. Nice historic site to check out towards the end, too. The trail was nice, except that because of all the recent rains, it was rather muddy in spots. I can see this trail being quite nice when it’s dry.

There is a fork that used to go to Bouton Lake. I didn’t follow it because somewhere between the fork and the end, there is a conflict with a private landowner who doesn’t wish for hikers to traverse the property. Sad…it probably used to be a good hike for the Boy Scouts.

I’m trying something a little new this time with my maps. I have geotagged some photos and included them in my .gpx file. We’ll see if the whole thing works.

-Whoa- Okay, so wordpress completely shut down when I tried to post that .gpx file with the geotagged photos in it. Hmmm…I’ll have to play with it some more. But for now, I’ve taken down the link. Not cool that it shut down my whole site.

Ok, here’s my next try. This time with a .kml file instead of .gpx.

Sawmill Hiking Trail

5 comments to Boykin Springs Sawmill Hiking Trail

  • Nate

    Hmmmm, it works…but the waypoints for my geotagged photos don’t point to anything. It seems the URLs for the photos did not get included in the file conversion.

    I think I will try to get the URL’s included using a different program.

  • Nate

    Okay! I got it to work. Topofusion was having trouble with the .kml files. I had to go to Google Earth to add the URLs to the waypoints once Topofusion geotagged the photos. I don’t know what the problem was, but I’ll speak to the developer to see if it can get fixed.

  • Carolyn head

    I am 69yrs old and I remember my grand mother telling stories about her and her family going to visit kin folks there by way of wagon. It was a busy saw mill then. I still love the stories of this place. Go to Boykin Springs every chance I get.

  • Cap

    I grew up going to Boykin Springs to camp and hiking to the saw mill. Recently returned to camp. Really love the place and appreciate any history about it.

  • Barbara Schoenemann

    We went to Boykin Springs today and walked the sawmill trail. The trail through the woods is horrible. There are very large trees that have fallen across the trail in many spots and bridges are washed out so you have to walk up and down creek banks. We finally gave up and went back. It is very primitive and disappointing!

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