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SFA Recreational Trails 10.2 Livestrong Day

The early October maintenance day for the SFA Rec Trails happened to fall on Livestrong Day. I made sure to represent Livestrong today. I arrived late, but I met up with the group installing some rock gardens on Upper Bois d’Arc.

SFA Recreational Trails SFA Recreational Trails

SFA Recreational Trails

In testing them out, they’re entirely rideable, but they add some technical challenge to a section of trail that is mostly a cardio challenge. I wouldn’t call them difficult because they’re short and as long as you have momentum, you can roll on through. But they can catch you if you hesitate and/or fail to carry enough momentum through them.

After the trailwork, a couple of us decided to track down the source of a raw sewage aroma. We found it, alright. It’s not pretty. Someone’s got some work to do in order to fix this, because it’s spewing sewage into a stream.

Sewage Leak

Sewage Leak Sewage Leak

Sewage Leak

I think I’m going to call the city first, and then I’ll get in touch with TCEQ. This is no good…if it were to rain, this would wash the sewage downstream from the gullies in these woods into Lanana Creek and beyond. Not good.

Afterwards, a group of us decided to take off and ride for awhile. It was good riding with a group.

SFA Recreational Trails

SFA Recreational Trails

2 comments to SFA Recreational Trails 10.2 Livestrong Day

  • Trailwork to *install* rock gardens? Wow, never heard of such a thing… usually the rock gardens get taken out…. Good stuff.

  • The GPS Geek

    Yeah, well, when your trails course through a giant sandbox, you’ll go to extreme measures. We did find some native rocks to add to the piles, but most of the rocks came from Oklahoma, if I remember right.

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