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I posted some pretty positive stuff about the MapMyFitness suite of sites on my Giant GPS Data Sharing Shootout post. I wanted to post some comments about some recent dealings with the staff over there. I had been having some intermittent trouble with their embed code that degraded into outright failure of the embed code, so I brought it to the attention of their staff. It did take me a few posts before they noticed my issue, but once they took notice, they got it fixed within a couple of days.

I just wanted to report that their staff is very responsive to problems with the site, which seems to be a problem with Garmin Connect, for example. GC takes note of problems, but they put them into their release cycle for a couple of months later. Then, it seems that a lot of user comments get ignored. They do not communicate well over there.

The folks at MapMyRide were great. I definitely recommend the service.

3 comments to MapMyRide Comments

  • Marc Morgan

    What the hell did you do with the old mapmyride??? This new form is ridiculous. I can’t navigate or know if Im saving workouts or rides. I will stop using now. Please bring back the old!!!!

  • The GPS Geek

    I don’t know what makes you think I had anything to do with MMR’s changes, but they were done when I made this original post.

  • Stephen Recker

    I too am overt MapMyHike. It used to allow me to post to Facebook after a hike. No longer. You can only set it to automatic. Guess I am going shopping for a new hike app tonight. Bummer it used to be nice.

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