2010 Gardens Update

It’s been a little while since my last post. Forgive me, as I’ve been busy. The semester ended, and just afterward, I spent a week visiting family out of state.

New Garmin Handheld GPS Receivers

There’s been some buzz lately about some new GPS receivers that look like they’re going to replace the venerable GPSMap 60 and 76 series models. Garmin has so far confirmed a 78, the replacement for the 76. As of now, there are only just rumors about a replacement to the 60, a supposed 62. GPSFix has some informative posts worth reading if you’re interested in this sort of thing. There’s a post for the 78, and one for the expected 62.

Lake MX 165

Well, my old Specialized BG Comp shoes have finally bitten the dust in recent weeks. A couple weeks ago, I noticed the sole delaminating from the uppers of these shoes. Considering the stresses put on bike shoes that clip into the pedals, I’m not even going to try gluing them back together. I’ve tried gluing shoes back together over the years, and it may work fine for small spots, but most definitely not for delaminations as severe as what my old Speshy shoes are experiencing.

Nac Trails 5/9/2010

Another Sunday, another weekly ride. This week was much cooler than previous weeks. It was overcast and threatening to rain all day. It spat on us a little, but didn’t really rain until we finished our ride.

Nacogdoches Mountain Bike Ride May 2 2010

Some local guys have been organizing weekly Sunday afternoon rides at the local trails in Nac lately. Despite the university’s attempts to keep the place hush-hush until the grand opening, everybody in town seems to know about the place. Last week was a short ride due to some mechanical troubles and one of the guys needed to head home early.